Happy Birthday PDF!
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Wow. The PDF is turning 20!
1993 was a pivotal year. Jurassic Park sold out theaters across the globe, Beanie Babies were unleashed on an unsuspecting world, and Intel released their very first microprocessor. And yet one of the most vital developments that year flew under most people’s radar: the Portable Document Format, or PDF.
How does PDF work?
It’s a compact file format that gives you a simple way to create and share electronic files. PDF is essentially a photocopy “image” of your original file. Since PDFs are universally compatible and viewable on any computer, organizations, corporations, and individuals can now dependably exchange information.
What can I do with it?
Just about anything! Today, you can edit PDF documents easily and flexibly, convert them to many other applications, and even legally sign them without having to print a paper copy. With its compact footprint, PDF is an ideal tool to transmit electronic files.
Join the party!
In order to access PDF documents, all you need is a viewing application like Nitro Reader—which you can download and use for free. Nitro Reader allows you to view and manage PDF files on and offline.
You can try all the features of Nitro Pro free for 14 days. Even better, we’ll give YOU a birthday present to help celebrate—20% off the regular price!